13 May 2015
New LiteManager 4.6.2!
Support Linux, Mac OS by Wine, demonstration. Online Meeting and Online Presentation. Share your screen with your meeting participants and visualize your ideas. Remote printing function.

31 May 2012
LiteManager - remote access software
Connecting over the Internet without IP address with the use of ID. Remote access in the interactive audio and video chat mode. Support for proxy server for connecting over the Internet. Remote desktop with support for Windows 7 Aero and other modes. Classroom management software free.

07 June 2010
Official opening of the program website
A new website design was created; help system, overview of solutions, instructions and documentation for the program are now available.

Using NOIP

NOIP program is designed for connection the client module Viewer and server module Server by ID. The program is available free of charge and comes in a package along with the client side Viewer.

Where is NOIP

You can also launch the program from Start menu.

NOIP from the Start menu

To launch NOIP, you just need to press the Launch button in the main window, under the main parameters tab.

The main window NOIP

Limit the maximum number of clients at request. This can be necessary to prevent congestion of the data channel.

Starting NOIP

By default, NOIP is available for use only through Pro version. Under the Information tab, the license type is Licensed.

License NOIP

In order for the users of the Free version of the program to open NOIP, they should stop it using Stop command under the General tab, then open Additional tab and check the Open NOIP for other users checkbox and press Apply.

Change License NOIP for free

After that you have to restart NOIP. Now, under the Information tab the license type is Free.


Additional help information

NOIP description

Connect by ID