04 January 2018
LiteManager 4.8 and client for Android, Mac OS and iOS platforms
New Litemanager 4.8 via global chat jabber trough NOIP. New Teacher mode for testing, files distribution and files collection. Classroom management software.

LiteManager Android, OSX and iOS clients.

07 June 2015
Litemanager remote support software
A new website design, there are online help, knowledgebase overview of solutions, instructions and documentation for the program. Support Linux by Wine.

31 May 2015
LiteManager remote access tools
Free remote access over the Internet with IP or ID connection. QuickSupport mode, works without installation for Windows. Demonstration and online Presentation.

Command line parameters

For ROM-Viewer

Basic parameters:

  • /name:<connection_name> — the name of the connection to open in the corresponding mode.
  • /password:<password> — the password for access to the remote server. If the password is not specified explicitly, it is taken from the connection properties.
  • /USERNAME:<user_name> — for authorization with login and password.
  • /CAPTIONNAME:<caption_name> — when you create a new contact, you can separately specify a visible name of contacts that it would have been different from IP or ID address. You can specify any convenient string.

Connection modes:

  • /FULLCONTROL — controlling the mouse and keyboard of the remote computer.
  • /VIEWONLY — viewing the remote computer screen.
  • /FTP — file manager.
  • /SHUTDOWN — restarting, shutting down, logging off and locking the computer (specific parameters: /RESTART, /POWEROFF, /SWITCHOFF, /LOCK, /WAKEONLAN, /MONITOROFF, /MONITORON, /HIBERNATION).
  • /TASKMANAGER — task manager.
  • /REMOTEEXECUTE — running programs remotely (specific parameters: /FILENAME:<program_name>, /HIDDEN, /RUNASCURRENTUSER, /RUNASUSER + /RUNUSERNAME:<user_name> + /RUNUSERPASS:<password> + /RUNUSERDOMAIN:<domain>).
  • /TELNET — terminal.
  • /DEVICEMANAGER — device manager.
  • /RDP — Microsoft Remote Desktop Protocol connection. (/RDPHOST:<ip>)
  • /CHAT — text chat.
  • /SCREENRECORD — making screenshots according to schedule.
  • /SEND_MESSAGE — sending a plain text message. (/TEXT:<message>, /ALLSESSIONS:<all>, /TEXTMODE:<Standart>)
  • /REGEDIT — Registry Editor.
  • /AVCHAT — audio and video chat.
  • /AUTORIZATION — authorization.
  • /WOL — function wake on LAN.
  • /EXIT — the completion of the program.
  • /CLOSEAFTERFULLCONTROL — completion of the program after the completion of the session control or view.
  • /DEMONSTRATION — demonstration.

Additional parameters for the Viewer.

  • /KEY: <License_Key> — license key for the program, the key will be used in the License Manager but it will not be displayed.
  • /NOIPID: <ID_dlya_soedineniya_po_ID> — ID compounds used for the connection of ID, if the connection with the given ID does not, it creates a new one.
  • /NOIPIP: <IP_adres_NOIP> — IP address of your NOIP.
  • /NOIPPORT: <Port_NOIP> — Port address of your NOIP.
  • /LANG: <RU_EN> — language.
  • /ECONOMYMODE — economy mode.
  • /HIDEINTERFACE — hide viewer main window.
  • /LOCKONDISCONNECT — lock remote PC on disconnect.
  • /COLORDEPTH: <16> — pixel format 1, 4, 8 to 32.
  • /IDENTUSERNAME: <user_name> — substitute the system user name.
  • /IDENTCOMPNAME: <comp_name> — substitute the computer name.
  • /NOIPPIN: <PIN> - PIN for connection by ID.
  • /IDENTUSERINFO: <text> - additional user information.
  • /IDENTCOMPANY: <text> - company name.

Additional settings for /FTP, /FTPACTION:<DOWNLOAD> or <UPLOAD>, /FTPLOCAL:<file_path>, /FTPREMOTE:<file_path>



Establishing a connection named «XP» in the mode of controlling the mouse and keyboard

ROMViewer.exe /name:XP /password:123456789 /fullcontrol
Starting the calculator with the password taken from the connection properties (the «Save password» option must be enabled)

ROMViewer.exe /name:XP /remoteexecute /filename:calc.exe

Starting and creating a new connection as the name specify the IP or NETBIOS name, and optionally specify the port / port: if it is different from the default port.

ROMViewer.exe /name: / port:7777 /fullcontrol

For Server

  • /silentinstall — install the service.
  • /silentuninstall — uninstall the service.
  • /firewall — integrate with the Windows XP/Vista/7 system firewall.
  • /start — start the server.
  • /stop — stop the server.
  • /config — open the settings window.
  • /compact — a compact mode of the server is started, the startup mode from removable media, the program automatically installs and runs as a service.
  • /userstop — stopping the server is running correctly with limited user rights is as a normal application.
  • /showconnectbyid — open a connection ID at startup.
  • /HIDETRAY — to hide the icon in the tray.
  • /PASSWORD:<password> — The password for the server..
  • /ID:<ID> — ID for the connection ID.
  • /NOIPIP:<IP> — IP address of your NOIP.
  • /NOIPPORT:<port> — port of your NOIP, unless the port is taken by default.
  • /RESTART — restart LM server.
  • /NOIPPIN: <PIN> - PIN for connection by ID.

The secret key in the registry, in the server settings ExpandSettings = 1, allows to reveal the server settings, so each setting will be stored separately. (HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\LiteManager\v3.4\Server\Parameters)

for NoIP

  • /start — start the service.
  • /stop — stop the service.
  • /silentinstall — to establish service.
  • /silentuninstall — delete the service.

Server commands must be executed only as an administrator.